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January 31, 2022

Construction Management: Concept Design

Construction concept design is a core process that takes place once studies and appraisals have been collected and a project brief has been set forth. The concept design is a crucial element to a successful construction project and encompasses the designer's initial thoughts and considerations with regard to the initial project brief. Once the design has been issued for the preferred option, the project brief is frozen and a construction manager can be chosen who will distribute activities among their chosen team.

In terms of construction management, the concept design is what sets the stage for processes to be carried out. The lead designer will liaise with and consult several stakeholders, user panels, and other parties in order to gather the information that will influence the conceptual design. A thorough design review will occur once the construction concept design is in place, and any amendments to the drawings will be implemented. At this point, the cost consultant can create cost plans and cash flow projections for the client to review, and upon acceptance, the client will review the concept design report which outlines design options that require additional consideration and planning.

If there are any doubts regarding the proposed solutions, the client may opt for a value management review to determine if what is being proposed will meet the requirements of future building occupants.

Building Your Construction Concept Design Team

Gathering the right professionals to join your concept design team is essential to the successful completion of the design and ultimately, the project as a whole will be affected by this stage. The lead designer may appoint additional individuals as necessary during the process to gain perspective into specialized areas of expertise.

The team should be comprised of:

  • Architect/Lead Designer
  • Cost Consultant
  • Services Engineer
  • Structural Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Client(s)

Why Choose Realcognita for Construction Concept Design?

Realcognita has successfully gathered a team of highly experienced architects, designers, engineers, and other professionals who collectively boast immense skills in design and construction management. We have been supporting residential homebuilders since 2003 with streamlined construction management planning services including construction concept design, architectural drafting, project management, cost consulting, and more. When we partner with our clients our goal is to blend into their existing ecosystem and provide two essential things: solutions and results.

The concept design is an integral component of any construction project and one that can't be taken lightly. By outsourcing your construction concept design planning you can access a vast panel of experts who have dedicated their lives to performing at a high level of accuracy. This means that you'll benefit from experienced designers, cooperative teams, as well as modern, state-of-the-art technology, software, and resources that can help to make your project a success.

Realcognita employs over 140 architects and surveyors in Texas, Australia, and the Philippines that engage in concept design planning on a daily basis, and we are well-equipped to partner with you on your next project. Contact us today to learn more about our services and prepare yourself for lower design costs, fewer design revisions, and improved project timelines.