Industry Insights
January 31, 2022

Employee of the Month: April 2021

On behalf of Realcognita, we would like to congratulate Ms. Camille Anacan for being chosen as the ‘Employee of the Month’ for April 2021.

Here is our Senior Team Leader’s Message for the Employee of the Month:

Camille has always been my anchor and my pillar to all the seasons my team has experienced. I have tested her trust, patience, belief in me and having her around always boost my morale that we can always do more as a team. I know she struggled with the continuous challenges. I know she shed tears and questioned herself, but I asked her to stick around and we’ll get through this. To date, she might not be the best drafter I ever had but she’ll always be the other half of me here in Realcognita.

I appreciate Camille’s dedication to our team and her support matters a lot to me. I wish her all the best.

Here is Ms. Anacan’s statement upon being recognized as the April 2021 Employee of the Month:

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. Working here has taught me that our limit can go beyond the boundaries that we have set for ourselves. New skills, knowledge and camaraderie will be discovered and developed. This achievement is not a recognition for me alone, but it is cumulative team efforts, hard works, intelligence, and support. Every day I strive to learn more so I’ll be able share more with my team and grow together with them. Cheers to everyone at Realcognita and to more years of working at the company.

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