Construction Scheduling
October 28, 2021

Residential Building Project Management Scheduling Services

The scheduling and managing of details pertaining to the timeline of a residential construction project is an essential component in the successful delivery of every project that a firm takes on. Project scheduling sets the tone for each job and provides all interested parties with a guideline for the required amount of time to complete each stage of the construction process.

Project or construction schedulers are the people who initially create and subsequently update and manage the project schedule from the initial tender process through to punch list item completion. Utilizing industry best practices, these professionals are able to forecast how long each phase of a project will take, and account for any anticipated delays or obstacles that might arise.

Many construction projects are vastly complex depending on the size and overall scope, and without a dedicated scheduler, it's easy for projects to fall behind which can lead to financial loss for both the client and the construction company itself. By monitoring each step, the performance of each trade and subcontractor can be tracked in order to achieve maximum efficiency and to identify weak links in the process that can be corrected.

Types of Construction Schedules

Projects can be scheduled differently to most accurately reflect their construction type, specific activities, or timeline granularity. Examples might include:

  • Residential, commercial, or industrial schedules
  • Schedules based on materials such as concrete, interior schedules, or payment schedules
  • Schedules for roadmaps, weekly progress or cost submissions, or hourly activities

Why Do We Need Project Schedules?

Construction has come a long way in the last few decades and there is a constant push to improve upon timelines. Budgets have become tighter, meaning that there is less room for error or for projects to carry on indefinitely – more time equals more money being spent, and clients aren't willing to foot the bill for delays or lost revenue. But schedules also help to unite each of the parties involved in a typical project and provide them with the same information about what is expected and when it should be completed.

By utilizing companies that provide residential construction scheduling services, construction firms are able to gain insight into how their crews work to complete each job. If delays occur, schedulers can anticipate the extent of the delays and update the schedule accordingly so that other trades can remain on track. They can also identify where the responsibility for the delay lies, which can be billed back to subcontractors if the delay was caused due to their own fault in the process. This acts as protection for the general contractor or builder, as any legal action can be backed up with detailed documentation of the events that occurred.

Still, there are multiple reasons why investing in residential construction scheduling services is a wise use of resources. For example:

  • Project Stability: The more planning that goes into a project, the less likely it is that unforeseen challenges will occur. This means that a more reliable outcome can be achieved.
  • Quality Control: Creating material schedules ensures that low-quality items won't be used at the last minute because of poor planning.
  • Resource Planning: Creating a plan for time and material cost in advance helps builders to perfect their estimating skills and forecast more accurately on future projects.
  • Activity Planning: Each team involved can plan activities in advance for better integration so that no subcontractor is working on top of the other.
  • Safety: PPE is needed for all stages of construction, but specific equipment such as earplugs or goggles may be activity-specific. Advanced scheduling enables everyone to understand what they'll need, and when.

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